Noel Gallagher switches rooms to avoid looking at Russell Brand – Tabloid Hell

Brand confirms the ex-Oasis man is in LA working on new music

Noel Gallagher has finally embraced his inner diva, we read. The ex-Oasis man recently demanded to be given another hotel room in Los Angeles because his original one overlooked a giant poster of Russell Brand.

According to The Sun Gallagher, who is reportedly in LA recording his debut solo album, told hotel staff he couldn’t face looking at his friend Brand all day and asked to be moved.

Brand, who is promoting his new film Arthur, said: “Noel‘s in LA at the moment and outside his hotel window he said all he can see is a great big billboard for Arthur.”

He added: “He said they showed him the room and the bloke asked, ‘Is there anything you’d like to change, sir?’ He said, ‘Yeah. That fucking poster. I want another room’, so they moved him.”

Noel has been a frequent guest on Brand‘s radio shows over the last few years, so we imagine the ex-Oasis man’s request is unlikely to have been taken too seriously.