Aerosmith’s Steve Tyler and Liv to record duet? – Tabloid Hell

Actress says the pair 'sing together all the time'

Liv Tyler has chatted about how her dad, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, often invites her to sing on his songs.

Speaking to Fox News, Liv said she and her dad “sing all the time.”

She added: “We always talk about doing something together. Sometimes when he is in the studio he’ll say, ‘Come down and sing backup or sing with me on this song’.”

Sadly thus far she’s been unable to make the recording sessions. “I’m usually somewhere else, and our schedules make it so hard to meet up,” she said.

Though Liv has yet to collaborate musically with her dad, she did appear one of his videos. She and Clueless star Alicia Silverstone starred in the promo for Aerosmith‘s 1993 single ‘Crazy’.

Watch it by scrolling down and clicking below.

Aerosmith are set to record their 15th album this summer – so there’s a chance right there, Liv