The View’s Pete Reilly in spat with local neighbours – Tabloid Hell

Council resort to CCTV cameras after noise complaints

The View‘s guitarist Pete Reilly has apparently got into a spat with one of his neighbours.

The local council have even resorted to using CCTV cameras to spy on his movements outside his pad in Dundee, after noise complaints.

“The police were at my door for me walking around and making my bed at 9pm,” he moaned. “I do feel like I am being harassed and it is annoying as it is my first flat and I’m not throwing wild parties.

“I could understand if there had been a lot of problems and if I was throwing wild parties every night but it is petty things. I’m coming home from rehearsal, changing the bedsheets and police are getting phoned.”

The ongoing spat with neighbour Grace Smith has apparently been going on for some time, according to the Daily Record.

The band even penned the track ‘Grace’ on their recent album ‘Bread And Circuses’ to try and make amends.