Amy Winehouse ‘petrified’ her ex will release songs about her – Tabloid Hell

Singer is supposedly worried that Alex Clare will reveal her crazy ways in song

Amy Winehouse is “petrified” that her ex boyfriend is set to write songs about their relationship, according to the tabloid-tattle today (March 25).

According to one of the red-tops her ex, singer Alex Clare, is making Winehouse quake under her beehive at the thought that he will reveal the truth about their year-long romance.

One of those “sources” told The Sun: “Amy is petrified that Alex will reveal everything about their relationship in his songs. The worst thing is the music is really good so she knows he is heading for the big time.”


The pair dated before Winehouse got back together with Blake Fielder-Civil.

Soon after they split, Clare wrote on “After turning up at 3am at The Hawley Arms I saw the ex with her ex and I saw red mist. I was shaking like a leaf and decided to get leathered while she sat there inebriated and on the lap of her ex.”

He added: “I’m skint, heartbroken and homeless. Bad luck comes in threes, as the old saying goes, but shit, what’s a man to do?”

On the upside his album, produced by Diplo and Switch and out this summer, can surely only benefit from such publicity. For every cloud…

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