Lady Gaga: ‘I only tattoo the left side of my body’ – Tabloid Hell

Singer also says she is 'half Iggy Pop, half Marilyn Monroe'

Lady Gaga has said that she will only tattoo the left side of her body – at her dad’s request.

The singer said that her dad requested that she keep one side of her body free of skin ink, so that she “remains slightly normal”, according to the Daily Mirror.

“All of my tattoos are on one side of my body, per my father’s request,” she explained. “He asked that I remain, on one side, slightly normal, so I only have tattoos on my life side.”

She added: “He sees the right as my Marilyn Monroe side and the left as my Iggy Pop side.”

Lady Gaga‘s tattoos include one of the international symbol for peace, one of a unicorn and a German quote from poet Maria Rilke.