U2’s Bono ignored while handing out free REM albums – Tabloid Hell

Singer takes detour after wife's birthday bash

U2‘s Bono tried to become something of an off-season Santa recently, we read.

The singer supposedly attempted to give away copies of R.E.M‘s ‘Collapse Into Now’ album to passers by on a New York street corner on Saturday (March 19).

According to the New York Post he had spent the first half of Saturday night celebrating wife Ali Hewson‘s 50th birthday at the Osteria Morini Italian restaurant.

Guests included former model Helena Christensen, U2‘s The Edge and R.E.M’s Michael Stipe. Following the nosh Bono decided to head out into the street to see if he could give away copies of R.E.M‘s latest.

A source is quoted as saying: “He was asking people loitering outside if they wanted a CD. Bono was largely ignored, with some looking at him like he was a crazy person until one girl recognised him and snapped up the disc.”

‘Collapse Into Now’ might not be R.E.M‘s greatest album but still, we don’t think it’s quite at street freebie level yet…