Russell Brand: ‘Katy Perry helped me swap sex for gardening’ – Tabloid Hell

Actor/comedian is in the tabs chatting about his wife

Russell Brand has been nattering about his relationship with wife Katy Perry – explaining how she helped him swap sex for gardening.

Quotes are running in the papers today (March 23) from a forthcoming episode of Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, set to go out on ITV next month.

In the chat the long-haired comedian rubbished reports about the duo having marriage counselling. But he did say he’d had to cut down on enjoying the sex act quite so much as he used to as a single man.


“I can’t believe I used to have sex 20 times a week,” he said, “especially now I’m married. But now I’m a bloody good gardener.”

Recalling his past days as a swordsman, he explained just how much romantic action he used to get. “My peak was probably five a day,” he outlined. “It was a bit much. I was always respectful though.”

The issue of his penchant for romance wasn’t one Katy was aware of before she met him, he revealed.

“I don’t think she knew the extremes of it because I wasn’t famous in America,” he said. “I told her like an idiot, as I was so dazzled by the change. So I had to tell her, ‘Look at what I’m not doing.’ Yeah, she was shocked but she’s a pretty solid person.”