Watch the powerful video for Enter Shikari’s ‘Take My Country Back’

"The sentiment of this track still stands, more than 12 months after I wrote it"

Enter Shikari have released the video for new single ‘Take My Country Back’, and it’s a powerful state-of-the-nation address from the post-hardcore pioneers.

The track, taken from acclaimed album ‘The Spark’, is accompanied by an animated video that acts as a powerful addition to the song’s increasingly relevant themes.

“Unfortunately the sentiment of this track still stands, more than 12 months after I wrote it”, singer Rou Reynolds said.


“If anything, the atmosphere is worse than it was then. An increasingly hostile right-wing media acting as a megaphone for what we now know were exaggerations and outright lies, amplified by fake bot accounts on Twitter, reinforcing the prejudices of the ill-informed. It’s got a big chorus, though”.

The video is directed by long-time Shikari fan Maks Graur, who previously impressed the band with his work on the animated video for ‘There’s A Price On Your Head’.

The release comes as Shikari gear up for a huge summer of performances, including headline slots at Boomtown and 2000 Trees festivals.

“It’s good to be playing a couple of new festivals, new to us anyway, this summer. I’ve heard good things about both 2000 Trees and Boomtown and they’ve both got awesome line-ups this year, plus we’re looking forward to interspersing the big festivals with a couple of club shows”, Reynolds said.

“With the last two UK tours being arena-sized, it’ll be nice to be back in sweaty rooms.”