David Cameron quotes Take That in parliament over Gary Barlow row – watch

PM says he wants Barlow's money "back for good" during Prime Minister's Questions

Prime Minister David Cameron quoted Take That song ‘Back For Good’ in a row over allegations members of the band, including Gary Barlow, had invested in a tax avoidance scheme. See below to watch now.

Barlow along with bandmates Howard Donald and Mark Owen are amongst a group of 1,000 wealthy investors facing large tax bills after a tribunal ruled that a partnership they invested in was a tax avoidance scheme.

As first reported in 2012, the Take That members each invested in Barlow’s Larkdale LLP, one of 51 so-called “icebreaker partnerships” affected by Judge Colin Bishop’s decision in court on May 9. The three men are reported to have invested £26 million in the scheme.

Cameron was asked in parliament yesterday (May 14) how he planned to deal with the situation by Labour MP Kerry McCarthy. Seizing the opportunity to be playful with Barlow’s own song lyrics, the PM replied: “I couldn’t have been clearer that I condemn all of these aggressive tax avoidance schemes.” He then added: “We want your money back for good.”

Cameron previously said that he was against “aggressive tax avoidance schemes” but that Barlow should not have to hand back his OBE over the matter.

Take That manager Jonathan Wild was also a member of the Larkdale partnership, although fellow band members Jason Orange and Robbie Williams were not. There has been no suggestion of any illegality.