Take That’s Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow in ‘diet-off’ – Tabloid Hell

Singers looking to Christian Bale for slimming inpiration

Take That‘s Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow have apparently wagered a four-figure sum on who can lose the most weight.

According to The Sun, the pair have turned to actor Christian Bale‘s shocking weight loss for the 2004 film The Machinist for slimming inspiration.

Williams said: “Me and Gary vary in weight. We go up and down by the week. We were at my house last week when Gary turns to me and says, ‘I won’t be needing these clothes soon, do you want them?’ – ‘cos he’s going on a diet’.”

He added: “I thought, ‘Right, if you’re eating a lettuce, I’m eating half a lettuce’. There is now a serious game on to see who can get the thinnest for the tour.”

Outlining the look he was striving for, Williams said: “You know The Machinist? I’m going for Christian Bale…”

Presumably Williams is hoping to avoid the depression and chronic insomnia that Bale‘s character suffers in the film. He also may not fancy the diet Bale placed himself on to lose the weight for the role, as the actor allegedly ate just one apple and drank one cup of coffee per day.