Robbie Williams: ‘I’d love to re-join Take That’

Singer says he's up for a proper band reunion

Robbie Williams has said that he would “love” to re-join Take That.

The singer’s statement comes shortly after former bandmate Gary Barlow said that it was only a matter of time before Williams re-joined the fold.

“I’d love to be in the band again,” he wrote on his blog at, “but I’ve got some unfinished business of my own.”

The singer went on to hint that he was missing the camaraderie of being in a band rather than being a solo artist.

“The thing that struck me the most was how much fun they’re having,” he wrote. “It’s more rewarding when you’re a gang. Ever since I left Take That I’ve wanted to be in a band.

“We got together quite a lot over the summer. It was amazing. We’ve all matured a lot since we parted. I’m very pleased to say the differences we’ve had have just melted away.

“I celebrated by getting the Take That symbol tattooed on my right arm. I’m proud to know the boys and I’m proud to have been in the band.”