Taking Back Sunday’s Adam Lazzara: ‘Discussing mental health isn’t a weakness, it makes you stronger’

"It’s OK to talk to someone, it doesn’t make you weak, if anything it makes you a lot stronger because it’s hard"

Taking Back Sunday frontman Adam Lazzara has spoken out to break the stigma that surrounds men discussing their mental health issues – arguing that it’s not a sign of weakness, but in fact strength.

Today marks International Men’s Day (Sunday November 19). As CALM reports, around 75% of suicides in the UK are men taking their own lives. Speaking to NME, Lazzara said that there’s no shame in men being open about their feelings.

“It’s seen as a sign of weakness or questioning your male bravado if you bring it up,” he told NME. “It’s something that a lot of people struggle with and have a hard time pulling themselves out of with depression. I think it’s important to talk to someone – whether it’s a friend or a spouse, a brother or sister, parent or just anyone you’ve got to just get that stuff out.”


“I’ve always said for a long time, for us or for me, I feel like we’re fortunate for some many years we’ve had an outlet on the stage and our records –  that’s when the majority of that stuff comes out,” he continued. “For me that’s been enough, but for some people it’s not; like Chester [Bennington] and Chris Cornell. I just think it’s OK to talk to someone, it doesn’t make you weak, if anything it makes you a lot stronger to talk about that stuff because it’s hard.”

He added: “Our big goal was to always try to give back a little bit of what our favourite bands and artists had given us. That’s exactly what they’d given us. To think that we could do that same thing for someone else, that’s a huge thing.”


Taking Back Sunday will be appearing alongside Jimmy Eat World and many more at Slam Dunk Festival 2018.

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