Talib Kweli announces new solo album ‘Cultural Currency’ on Patreon

Subscribers will receive one new track every month

Talib Kweli has announced his new solo album ‘Cultural Currency’, which will be available to listen to as an exclusive on the independent subscription service Patreon.

Marking his first solo album since 2017’s ‘Radio Silence’, the unique roll-out for ‘Cultural Currency’ will see Patreon subscribers on certain pricing tiers gain exclusive access to a new Kweli track from the album every month for 12 months.

Kweli hasn’t announced a tracklist, credits or a full release date for ‘Cultural Currency’ (which he says “will not be available for some months”), but he has explained his decision to go with Patreon for the album in a statement.


“I am considered an underground rapper. My lyrics critique the status quo,” he said. “On paper, I was not supposed to be a successful artist. I succeeded in spite of the odds because I was always able to go around the industry and connect with my fans directly. When the music industry told me no, I built an industry around myself.

“Working with Patreon is the next step in this evolution. Patreon was created by artists for artists. I am proud to be born who I am, but my chosen tribe consists of artists and people who love art. Sharing my art on Patreon allows me to connect with my tribe in amazing and innovative ways.”

Kweli recently claimed that the long-awaited new Black Star album, which has apparently been finished, may never come out.

Kweli teamed up with Mos Def (now Yasiin Bey) for the September 1998-released ‘Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star’ album. The follow-up to that record was declared “done” by Kweli back in November, but last week he dashed the hopes of fans by claiming in a since-deleted Instagram post that “interlopers and culture vultures” were preventing its release.

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