Tame Impala preview ‘Let It Happen’ video – watch

Song taken from the album 'Currents'

Tame Impala have posted a preview of the forthcoming video for ‘Let It Happen’.

The short clip focuses on a passenger on board a commercial airline that’s suffering very heavy turbulence. Click below to watch the preview, via Spin.

The track features on Tame Impala’s recently-released album ‘Currents’, a record described by bandleader Kevin Parker as both “groove-based” and “club-friendly”.

Let It Happen. Video coming soon.

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“Listening to [our music] was very much a kind of headphone, solitary experience,” Parker told NME.

“Which is cool, but I’ve moved on from that. I’ve always loved listening to music on my own, but there’s another side of me that is just fascinated by… like Goa trance, for example – just a rave on a beach in India, you know? Where there’s someone that’s spinning the music and it’s just this free-flowing continuous energy.”

Parker added: “I used to shut out the [pop music] side of things because I considered my identity to be more understated, but I realise now that that side of things can also bring out good art. Really, before now I was boxing myself in.”

‘Currents’ was released earlier last month (July 17), reaching Number Three in the UK charts.