Tame Impala on club-friendly new album: ‘I realised we’d never seen people dancing to our music’

Frontman Kevin Parker says third record 'Currents' was inspired by Goa trance and Indian beach raves

Tame Impala have discussed the sonic shift of their upcoming album, describing the LP as more dance-friendly.

The Perth band release third album ‘Currents’ in July via Fiction, following on from 2012’s ‘Lonerism’ and 2010 debut ‘Innerspeaker’.

While known for their sprawling psych-rock, frontman Kevin Parker tells NME in this week’s issue, available digitally and on newsstands now, that he wanted listeners’ experience of the LP to be more communal and not a singular experience.

“Listening to [our music] was very much a kind of headphone, solitary experience,” Parker said. “Which is cool, but I’ve moved on from that. I’ve always loved listening to music on my own, but there’s another side of me that is just fascinated by… like Goa trance, for example – just a rave on a beach in India, you know? Where there’s someone that’s spinning the music and it’s just this free-flowing continuous energy.”

“I wanted to make something that from the sound of it could be down at the club,” Parker added. “I just realised that I’d never heard Tame Impala played somewhere with a dancefloor or where people were dancing.”

Parker also revealed that the album’s lyrics relate to “someone finding themselves in this world of chaos”. He stated: “At different times in life I’ve felt like it’s time to say goodbye from some form of myself that’s been hanging around for a while – you just feel this urge to move on, like a herd of antelope. They’re just standing there in a field eating grass. You feel like that as a person sometimes. Where’s it’s just time to move on.”

‘Currents’ is due for release on July 17. Tame Impala have so far revealed the tracks ‘Cause I’m A Man’, ‘Disciples’, ‘Eventually’ and ‘Let It Happen’.

The ‘Currents’ tracklisting is as follows:

‘Let It Happen’
‘The Moment’
‘Yes I’m Changing’
‘The Less I Know The Better’
‘Past Life’
‘Cause I’m A Man’
‘Reality In Motion’
‘New Person, Same Old Mistakes’

Tame Impala will play a handful of UK and Ireland dates later this year. They are as follows:

Electric Picnic Festival (September 4)
End Of The Road Festival (5)
Glasgow Barrowland (8)
Liverpool Olympia (9)
Isle of Wight Bestival (10)

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