Tame Impala’s new record will be ‘less rock and more electronic’

Keyboardist Jay Watson discusses band's new material

Tame Impala‘s new material will sound “less rock and more electronic”, the band’s keyboardist Jay Watson has hinted.

In an interview with Faster Louder, Watson praised band mate Kevin Parker’s “awesome” work and said the new record would also be “awesome”.

“It’s probably gonna be less rock again and more electronic, even more than the last one,” Watson said. “It’s gonna be awesome, everything he does is awesome.”


However Watson refused to divulge any further details as he revealed that Parker had put him on notice. “I guess probably cause he knows someone like me’ll get drunk and then say stuff about it in interviews! Which is a very real possibility. It’s probably best I don’t say anything because I’ll get in more trouble than you will.”

It has been more than two years since the release of ‘Lonerism’, Tame Impala’s critically acclaimed second album. Though Watson co-wrote hit tracks ‘Apocalypse Dreams’ and ‘Elephant’, he added that he is not as involved with the band now as he was during the making of that record.

“I got to hear a lot of [‘Lonerism’] as it was happening last time. But this time I don’t think anyone’s really heard it [all] except [Kevin Parker] and his girlfriend,” he said.

This month saw the release of ‘Daffodills’, Mark Ronson’s collaboration with Kevin Parker, who is credited on three of the tracks on Ronson’s new album ‘Uptown Funk’.

Meanwhile, Jay Watson’s other band, Pond, will release their sixth album, ‘Man It Feels Like Space Again’, next year.



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