Tame Impala cover The Flaming Lips’ ‘Silver Trembling Hands’ and ‘Are You A Hypnotist?’ – watch

Australian band pay tribute to Oklahoman group

Tame Impala have covered two Flaming Lips covers at recent live shows – scroll down to the bottom of the page and click ‘play’ to watch.

With Tame Impala set to tour with the Oklahoman band over a series of US dates this September and October, Kevin Parker and co covered the Lips’ track ‘Silver Trembling Hands’ at a recent show in Dublin and then subsequently tackled ‘Are You A Hypnotist?’ at Paris’s Rock En Seine festival.

Tame Impala‘s Kevin Parker recently admitted the idea of recording a follow-up to 2012’s ‘Lonerism’ doesn’t excite him. Speaking in Uncut, the brains behind the Australian band discussed his lack of plans for a new record as well as his thoughts on the album format and the unlimited possibilities of technology.


Asked what the next album will sound like, Parker responded: “Right now, doing another album doesn’t excite me. There’s something narrow-minded about thinking an album is the only way you can put out music, especially in the world we’re in at the moment. Anything is possible. There’s so many people doing interesting things with the internet and technology, there could be so many ways of making music and listening to it.”

In April of this year, meanwhile, Coyne said that he and his bandmates were working on a full album with pop star Ke$ha. The unlikely collaborators have worked together before, both on Flaming Lips material and on Ke$ha’s 2012 album ‘Warrior’, but a joint album would mark the first time they have worked on anything full-length together.