Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker responds to Alex Turner’s invitation to collaborate

The Arctic Monkeys frontman said "let's float, Kev" during an interview earlier this month

Tame Impala‘s Kevin Parker has expressed his openness to collaborating with Arctic Monkeys following Alex Turner‘s admission that he wants to “float” with Parker by making music together.

Turner was asked about a potential Tame Impala collaboration earlier this month during an interview on Beats 1, with the Monkeys frontman remarking “I’d love to float with Kevin… Let’s float Kev” and “I think [Parker’s] brilliant, no doubt about that.”

Naturally, Turner’s apparent invite to work together has now made its way to Parker, who this week spoke to Billboard for a new interview. Turner’s comments were brought up during that interview, with Parker being asked for his response.


A vision of things to come?

“I’m going to keep this going in the public realm and just see how far it gets,” Parker admitted. “But yeah – anything is possible.”

Parker also spoke in the same interview about his hope of one day working with Daft Punk, admitting that he holds the French duo in “absolutely legendary regard”.

Parker’s most recently-released collaboration was with Travis Scott, with the former producing and co-writing a track on the latter’s new album ‘Astroworld’.

After telling Billboard that new Tame Impala music was his “main focus right now”, Parker is apparently aiming to release the band’s next album by summer 2019 – admitting last month that he’d be “very disappointed” if new music hadn’t materialised by then.