Smiths pair set for huge windfall from pop duo's cover of their classic 'How Soon Is Now?'...

The runaway success of Russian lesbian pop stars TATU has had two unlikely beneficiaries – MORRISSEY


The one-time Smiths

singer and guitarist/songwriters have already netted around £200,000 from Tatu’s cover of their 1984 classic ‘How Soon Is Now?’. The track appears on the duo’s two million-selling album ‘200km/H In The Wrong Lane’.

If, as is expected, ‘How Soon Is Now?’ is released as a single to coincide with Tatu’s mooted summer dates, and goes on to sell as many as the Russians’ current Number One ‘All The Things She Said’, Morrissey

and Marr could earn another £50,000 from UK sales alone.

The cover has had a mixed response from Smiths fans, with one user of website Morrissey-solo.com describing it as a “crime against humanity.”

However, Smiths expert Simon Goddard, author of the book ‘Songs That Saved Your Life’, said : “I think Morrissey’s camp humour would mean that he found it amusing. There was a terrible version of ‘How Soon Is Now?’ a couple of years ago by Snake River Conspiracy and he said it was better than the original.”

Tatu’s Julia Volkova told NME that she had never heard of Smiths

before being given the song to sing: “[The producers] just put it on for us and we decided it was worth a try. Frankly speaking, we hadn’t known this group.”