Police don't take too kindly to 100 teenage girls dressed in school uniform causing an obstruction...

TATU were forced to cancel a video shoot opposite the HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT this morning (May 7).

The Russian lesbo pop duo were set to film the video for their single, ‘Show Me Love’ on the south side of Westminster Bridge in London.

Over 100 teenage girls dressed in school uniform turned up for filming, after the duo invited them to the shoot during a show at Oxford Circus HMV in the city’s West End last night (May 6).


However, Metropolitan Police said the shoot would contravene a “sessional order”, causing an unnecessary obstruction to parliament.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said: “The commissioner of police dictates to his constables that they should disperse all assemblies or processions of persons causing or likely to cause an obstruction on any day which parliament is sitting. This is to allow free passage to the house.”

He added: “We are not here to veto filming but with 24 hours’ notice, 100 extras and lots of fans right outside parliament the video shoot was in contravention of this order.”

The teenage pop stars, Julia Volkova and Lena Katina, were later joined by a total of 300 girls at Tower Bridge, and are filming outside the Tate Modern on the South Bank this afternoon.

The video for ‘Show Me Love’ will be mixed with footage of the duo and their fans together in London, Tokyo and Los Angeles.

Tatu fly back to Russia tomorrow after they were forced to cancel their three UK shows due to poor ticket sales over the Bank Holiday weekend.