The promoters say "unachievable and numerous obstacles" were put in their way when it came to selling tickets for the arena shows...

Organisers of TATU’s cancelled UK concerts are suing the Russian duo’s management.

The Russian lesbian duo cancelled the arena tour yesterday (April 30). Only a fraction of tickets for their shows were sold.

The show’s promoters, EEM Group, are suing Tatu’s management for £300,000, claiming they put “unachievable and numerous obstacles” in the way of ticket sales for the shows, which were to take place at London Wembley Arena (May 2 and 6) and Manchester MEN Arena (May 4).


The 10,000-capacity Manchester venue sold just 1,000 tickets, while less than 2,000 fans had bought tickets to the two 12,000-capacity London shows.

Concert promoter Andy Talakin said Tatu’s management had asked for 300 under-16 girls dressed in school uniforms for each of the gigs.

“We feel that such an exploitation of the image of underage children is morally totally unacceptable,” he told the BBC.

He said Tatu’s management had even told them 17-year-old Julia Volkova was unable to sing due to illness, but would be persuaded if they were paid more. A publicist for the tour said there had been no evidence of her illness.

Tatu arrived in the UK yesterday to record television performances for ‘CD:UK’ and ‘Top Of The Pops’.

The pair are set to release their second single ‘Not Gonna Get Us’ on May 19, taken from their 2002 debut album ‘200 KM/H In The Wrong Lane’.