Watch Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins video for solo single ‘Range Rover Bitch’

Hawkins announced the solo project earlier this month

Taylor Hawkins’ solo single ‘Range Rover Bitch’ now has a video.

Taken from his solo album ‘KOTA’, Hawkins originally announced the solo project on Nov 1. Released on November 11, the “mini-LP” features the Foo Fighters‘ member on lead vocals and “nearly every instrument,” according to a press release.

Directed by Liam Lynch, the video pays homage to Beta-tape-captured, pre-MTV era of music videos. You can watch it below.


Speaking to Rolling Stone, Hawkins said; “Liam Lynch did an incredible job on the ‘Range Rover Bitch’ video. I think our shared love of that pre-MTV late ’70s/very early ’80s direct-to-video late night television Don Kirshner/Midnight Special vibe really shines through on this video. He really captured that Kim Carnes, Nick Gilder feel.”

Discussing he meaning behind ‘Range Rover Bitch’ in a CoS interview, Hawkins said the single “came from the fact that I live in Calabasas.”

He continued, “I live in the neighborhood where the Kardashians live. I look around at my life, and outside of being onstage and all the wonderful crazy fucking shit that we get to do as a band, I lead a very normal life. I have three kids, a wife and we have a date night every week. … So I look around and think how I never ever thought that picking up this pair of drumsticks would make me one of these well-to-do adults. [Laughs] I’m looking around going, ‘Look at these idiots, and how did I become one of them?'”

Earlier this year, producer Butch Vig hinted that Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl could be set to go solo.

Garbage drummer Vig famously produced Nirvana’s classic 1991 album ‘Nevermind’, later working with Foo Fighters on a number of releases, including ‘Sonic Highways’ in 2014.


Vig told The Daily Beast that he and Grohl were planning on meeting up later this year to work on new songs Grohl had been writing, but said there were “no plans for more Foos”.