Taylor Swift blamed for postponed baseball game in US

The singer accused of using all the power at Nationals Park in Washington DC

Singer Taylor Swift has been blamed for the postponement of a baseball game in the US.

The Washington Nationals and Los Angeles Dodgers were facing each other at Nationals Park in Washington DC on Friday (July 17) when they experienced lighting problems.

Swift had previously played the venue earlier in the week (July 13 and 14), with Friday night’s game the Nationals’ first match following the star’s concerts.

Following the cancellation of the match, a number of players involved in the game took to Twitter to pin the blame on Swift.

Dodgers star Joc Pederson tweeted: “@taylorswift13 your concert used up all the electricity in DC.. thanks for helping start the 2nd half with a bang”.

“Well who was the last one to use Nationals Park last? Taylor Swift.. I blame her for the power outs tonight. We now have #BadBlood,” added Nationals pitcher Max Schezer.


Taylor Swift’s first show at Nationals Park was hit with technical malfunctions, with the singer left stranded on a platform above the stage.

“I’ll just be here, forever, stuck up here, unless I choose to jump down,” Swift told the crowd. Watch that incident below.

That moment when Taylor Swift's set breaks down

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