Taylor Swift performs with Beck and St Vincent at LA gig – watch

Singer was joined onstage by the pair at Staples Center show on Tuesday night (August 25)

Taylor Swift was joined onstage by Beck and St Vincent at her gig in Los Angeles on Tuesday night (August 25).

The pop singer performed Beck’s new single ‘Dreams’ with the pair, later describing the collaboration on Twitter as “something I’ll remember forever”.

Swift was also joined onstage by John Legend at the fourth show of her five-night Staples Center residency.


Watch footage of Swift teaming up with Beck and St Vincent, plus her duet with Legend below.



Earlier this week, Taylor Swift was joined by Alanis Morissette for a rendition of her hit ‘You Oughta Know’.

Swift introduced Morissette by saying: “The person I’m about to bring out defined the music of her decade. She defined the generation of female songwriters. She taught us you could get really, really mad if you wanted to. It’s fair to say that many of the female songwriters would not write the way we do without her music.”

Meanwhile, actor Patrick Stewart has said that he is going to hang out with Taylor Swift while they’re both in LA.

Both Stewart and fellow actor Ian McKellen recently recited Swift song lyrics, with the footage going viral online.


Upon seeing the clips, Swift replied via Twitter inviting the pair to be part of her “squad”. She said: “Thanks for reciting my lyrics, @IanMcKellen and @SirPatStew! You’ve made my day. You two are ULTIMATE Squad Goals”.

Now, the X-Men and Star Trek actor has told People that he intends to hang out with Swift shortly in Los Angeles.

“She’s coming to Los Angeles soon, so I’m hoping that we’re going to connect,” he said. “I mean, Ian [McKellen] and I are in the squad now, so right on!”

“I don’t know where you go after that, honestly! That’s an accolade that I never expected but I’m embracing whole-heartedly.”