The mural ‘in memory of’ Taylor Swift now features Kanye West’s face

The graffiti artist behind the original mural says people are 'playing with my work'

The mural painted by an Australian graffiti artist “in loving memory” of Taylor Swift following her beef with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West has now been tampered with twice.

The mural, which popped up in Melbourne earlier this week, was first altered to read “In loving memory of Harambe”, the gorilla shot dead by staff at Cincinatti Zoo in May after a child climbed into its enclosure. It has now been painted over again to show Kanye West’s face.

Lush Sux, the graffiti artist who created the mural in its original form, shared a picture of the altered artwork on Instagram with the caption: “WHO DID THIS PLEASE STOP PLAYING WITH MY WORK.” Check out all three versions of the mural below.

Anyone know a good lawyer?

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It is worth noting that the original mural actually cited Swift’s name as “Taylor Smith”, which some have suggested is the artist’s way of not being sued. The passing refers to the idea that Kim Kardashian’s much-publicised leak of a phone conversation between her husband and Swift has “killed” the singer’s career.

The phone call showed Swift seemingly enthusing over the line in West’s song ‘Famous’ in which West says: “Feel like me and Taylor Swift might still have sex.” However, West doesn’t state in the phone call that the following lyric will be: “Why? I made that bitch famous.”

Swift had previously claimed to have not known about the song’s lyrics prior to its release, leading to some internet users posting the snake emoji on her Instagram account and Wikipedia page.

Although the call was seemingly leaked without Swift’s permission, it has emerged that local California privacy laws will prevent her from taking any action against West or Kardashian West.