‘Orange Is the New Black’ star Uzo Aduba comments on Taylor Swift’s feud with Kanye West

More support for the ‘1989’ singer

Orange Is The New Black star Uzo Aduba has addressed Taylor Swift’s feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West.

The trio have infamously clashed over the ‘Famous’ recording, which the country pop star reportedly threatened legal action over in February, before finding that local California privacy laws mean that she will be unable to take any action against West or his wife.

Aduba, who is a part of Swift’s social group, spoke at the Cinema Society screening of her new Netflix film Tallulah about how she feels the ‘1989’ singer will overcome the highly publicised feud.

“She will,” Aduba told Vanity Fair. “She’s a beautiful person and strong.”


Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber and Martha Hunt have all had their say on Swift’s feud with the Wests in the last week, all giving their support for the ‘Safe & Sound’ singer.

The recorded phone call showed Swift seemingly enthusing over the line in West’s song ‘Famous’ in which he says: “Feel like me and Taylor Swift might still have sex.” However, West doesn’t state in the phone call that the following lyric will be: “Why? I made that bitch famous.”

It seems that Swift was unaware that her conversation with West was being taped, labelling the leaking of the phone call “character assassination”, because of the fact West hadn’t mentioned the “I made that bitch famous” segment of ‘Famous’. West has stayed unusually silent on Twitter since publicising the screenings of the ‘Famous’ video.