Taylor Swift reportedly buys ‘.porn’ URL in bid to beat internet trolls

Pop star believed to have bought new domains ahead of changes to web in June of this year

Taylor Swift has reportedly moved to buy the URL .Taylorswift.porn in a bid to beat online trolls and would be money makers.

As of June 1 this year web URLs will change with more descriptive domains such as .healthcare, .deals, and city names opened up to help web users find their desired destination online with greater ease.

This is as a result of a 2011 decision by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to extend the number of generic top level domains. The number has risen by over 500 to 547 in the past four years.


However, less desirable suffixes such as .porn and .sucks will also be usable, leading to major brands moving to buy these potentially damaging URLs before anybody else can. CNN reports that a select group of people and companies are getting early access to these domains in a bid to beat internet trolls.

Stuart Lawley, CEO of ICM Registry, states that Microsoft has already registered Office.porn and Office.adult while TaylorSwift.porn and TaylorSwift.adult have also been acquired.

This is not the first time that Taylor Swift has moved to protect her brand identity in 2015. It was reported earlier this year that she had applied to trademark use of the phrase “this sick beat” as well as a number of other lyrics from her album ‘1989’.

If successful it would mean Swift would owns the rights to lyrics from the 2014 album, with the phrases ‘Party Like It’s 1989’, ‘Cause We Never Go Out Of Style’, ‘Could Show You Incredible Things’ and ‘Nice To Meet You, Where You Been?’ registered with the US government.

Similarly, Swift fans selling items of unofficial merchandise on Etsy have been threatened with legal action by lawyers working on behalf of the pop singer.

Later this year Swift will headline this summer’s Radio 1 Big Weekend in Norwich. She is also set to play the British Summer Time festival in London’s Hyde Park on June 27.