Girls star Lena Dunham says Taylor Swift ‘sings my story’

The feminist icon said she always knew the pair would be friends

Girls creator Lena Dunham has said Taylor Swift “sings my story” because they’re both in the business of “mining our personal lives”.

Speaking on BBC Radio 6 Music, Dunham said she connects with Swift’s songs and that she listens to her new album ‘1989’ “every day, all day.”

“I’ve been obsessed with Taylor Swift since her first song,” she said. “‘Teardrops On My Guitar’ was the first one I became familiar with, but I think she’s been a fully formed creative voice since she was 15 and really does sing my story.


“I’ve loved her from the beginning and I would always tell all my friends that I really think if Taylor Swift and I met we would be really good friends, we’re both mining our personal lives. I used to tell my friends, ‘Oh if we met…’ and they’d be like, ‘Shut up. You and Taylor Swift don’t have anything in common, she does not care what you have to say’.

“Lo and behold we met and we’re really good friends! So, I was not lying. But I did insidiously worm my way into her life.”

Dunham added that ‘1989’ – which her boyfriend and FUN guitarist Jack Antonoff worked on – is Swift’s best record. “It’s the most fully formed, most complex work yet. It’s full of fascinating subliminal messages and it’s really fierce and funny and sexy and I can’t get enough of it.”

Earlier this year, Swift said that if she were a character in Dunham’s Girls, she would be Zosia Mamet’s Shoshanna. However, she also clarified: “I’ve never accidentally smoked crack at a warehouse party and [then ran] pants-less through Brooklyn.”

Swift has also said: “Becoming friends with Lena… has made me realise that I’ve been taking a feminist stance without actually saying so.

“As a teenager, I didn’t understand that saying you’re a feminist is just saying that you hope women and men will have equal rights and equal opportunities.”


It was reported last night that the ‘Shake It Off’ singer will be donating all the proceeds from her new single ‘Welcome to New York’ to the city’s public schools.

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