Jared Leto loses lawsuit over video of him insulting Taylor Swift

The clip was published by TMZ last year

Jared Leto has lost a lawsuit centred around a video of him insulting Taylor Swift.

The clip was published online last year by TMZ and showed the actor and musician talking about the singer disparagingly.

“I don’t like this at all – next,” he is heard saying while listening to ‘1989‘ album opener ‘Welcome To New York’. Leto concluded by saying: “I mean, fuck her, I don’t give a fuck about her. It’s whatever works best for us.”

It was filmed in Leto’s home by videographer Naeem Munaf. Leto filed a copyright infringement lawsuit after it was published, claiming it was “stolen footage”.

As Vulture reports, a US District Court Judge said because it was filmed on Munaf’s camera and he wasn’t an employee of Leto’s at the time, he could legally do whatever he wanted with it.

After the video leaked online, Leto apologised to Swift, calling her “an incredible example of what’s possible”.