China suspends betting on Taylor Swift break-ups

Fans have been putting wagers on Swift's relationship status

Taylor Swift fans in China have had their bets on the prospective break-up of Swift and Tom Hiddleston suspended after vendors began offering “insurance policies”.

China’s largest online marketplace Taobao have been cracking down on vendors who were offering said policies on Swift’s reported relationship with British actor Tom Hiddleston.

The policy offered to double the money on the original bets if the alleged couple were to break up. According to Xinhua News Agency, Taobao had begun taking bets on Swift’s love life last week, with the minimum wager set at 1 yuan ($.15).


One policy purchaser stated on Xinhua, “If I bought a million, I would make a lot — these stars break up all the time which gives us the opportunity to earn a lot of money!”

However, Taobao soon stopped the policies, with searches met with: “According to laws and regulations, what you have searched for cannot be displayed.”

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the Alibaba Group, which owns and operates Taobao, said: “As it is not strictly an insurance product, the sellers are not qualified as insurance sellers,” the company says. “So we have taken down such ‘products’ from the Taobao platform.”

Rumours of Swift’s and Hiddleston’s romance began last month (June 16), with The Sun reporting that the pair have been involved in a “secret romance”. The newspaper published of the pair kissing on a Rhode Island beach. She had split up with Calvin Harris two weeks prior.