Taylor Swift misses VMAs due to jury duty

The singer could be selected for jury duty on a criminal case

Taylor Swift was unable to attend this years MTV Music Video Awards after being called on for jury duty.

The singer missed out on any nominations this year and some speculated that she would avoid the ceremony because of feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian over the lyrics of rapper’s song ’Famous’.

As TMZ reports, Swift was at a jury selection meeting for a criminal case in Tennessee on Monday morning. The star is one of 30 potential jurors for a criminal case.



During his 4-minute speech at the VMAs, Kanye briefly mentioned Swift alluding to their public fallout over a line in his ‘The Life of Pablo’ track ‘Famous, which Swift claimed she did not give permission for.

“Now, later tonight ‘Famous’ might lose to Beyoncé [which it did, to ‘Formation’ in the Video of the Year award] but I can’t be mad because I’m always wishing for Beyoncé to win,” West said. “It was an expression of our now, our fame, right now, us on the inside of the TV. You know just to put, the audacity to put Anna Wintour next to Donald Trump. I mean, I put Ray-J in there. This is fame, bro. Like — I see you, Amber [Rose, who was also depicted in the video]. My wife is a G — not a lot of people’s wives would say let them say that right there. We came over in the same boat, now we all in the same bed. Well, maybe different boats, but…”