Taylor Swift plays acoustic versions of ‘Wildest Dreams’ and ‘Shake It Off’ in Australia – watch

The two singles featured in a tiny performance for a radio station

Taylor Swift has played an intimate show in Australia, performing for a crowd of around 100 for radio station NOVA in between her arena dates down under.

During the scaled down performances, Swift played two hit singles in solo acoustic form, airing ‘Shake It Off’ and ‘Wildest Dreams’. Swift describes ‘Wildest Dreams’ as a song about “not if we break up, but when we break up,” linking the track back to a bad time in a relationship. She runs through the song on acoustic guitar as opposed to its usual piano format.

‘Shake It Off’ features the audience on percussion, and is also just acoustic guitar and vocals.

Watch the video for ‘Wildest Dreams’ below:

Swift came under attack from Jared Leto earlier this week, with the Thiry Seconds To Mars frontman filmed saying he “doesn’t give a fuck” about the singer. He later apologised, calling Swift “an incredible example of what’s possible,” and is now threatening to sue TMZ for leaking the original insult footage.

Swift fulfilled a fan’s wish to meet her before losing her hearing in Sydney on November 28, and donated £30,000 to a Seattle Orchestra after being “moved” by their performance.

Swift wrote to conductor Ludovic Morlot at the orchestra, saying that she had been inspired and moved by one of the pieces the Symphony had commissioned, John Luther Adams’ ‘Become Ocean’. She added that the composition reminded her of going symphony with her grandmother.

In a statement, Morlot said: “I was thrilled to hear that Taylor was moved by Become Ocean. This is a powerful piece with a unique soundscape.”

“We’re especially thankful that she wishes to support our musicians and that she shares our belief that all people should be able to experience symphonic music.”