Taylor Swift donates £30,000 to Seattle Orchestra after being ‘moved’ by their performance

Conductor Ludovic Morlot discusses a letter he received from the singer

Taylor Swift has donated $50,000 (£33,000) to the Seattle Symphony Orchestra after being “moved” by a piece they had performed.

The conductor of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, Ludovic Morlot, recently received a letter from the 25-year-old pop singer, who explained the reason of her donation.

Swift wrote to Morlot, saying that she had been inspired and moved by one of the pieces the Symphony had commissioned, John Luther Adams’ ‘Become Ocean’. She added that the composition reminded her of going symphony with her grandmother.


In a statement, Morlot said: “I was thrilled to hear that Taylor was moved by Become Ocean. This is a powerful piece with a unique soundscape.”

“We’re especially thankful that she wishes to support our musicians and that she shares our belief that all people should be able to experience symphonic music.”

According to The Seattle Times, the donation made by Swift is “earmarked for two Seattle Symphony programs: Link Up, a music-education program for elementary-school students – which sends teaching artists into classrooms for weekslong residencies – and its musicians’ pension fund”.

Taylor Swift is known for her philanthropic ways. Earlier this week, it was announced that the singer had taken her 125 members of staff on holiday on Hamilton Island, an island lying off the Australian coast, to thank them for their work on the ‘1989’ World Tour.