Taylor Swift tells Ryan Adams ‘what you did with my album was like actors changing emphasis’ – watch

Ryan Adams and Taylor Swift talked '1989' in a jovial interview

Ryan Adams and Taylor Swift got together to talk Swift’s ‘1989’ album (which Adams recently covered in full), with Swift saying to a delighted Adams “what you did with my album was like actors changing emphasis.”

The pair talked over their creative processes and influences in the interview, along with a few leftfield subjects like Swift’s love of Siri, as an aside to a GQ Magazine cover shoot.

Swift reveals that the piping ‘stay’ from the track ‘All You Had To Do Was Stay’ came from a dream in which her ex turned up on her doorstep, and all she could manage to say to him was the high-pitched ‘stay’ that ended up in the song’s chorus. On the same track, Swift explains to Adams that she sees his cover version as heartbroken, while hers is intended as flippant.


For fans awaiting Taylor Swift’s follow-up to ‘1989’, the interview contains the news that the singer “isn’t actively working” on a new album.


Adams tells us that he has a notebook – unintentionally – for every album he’s ever written. Swift prefers notes on her phone, which she then “cherry picks” for lyrics from things jotted throughout the year.

As for Adams’ inspiration? “If I’m ever stuck when I’m writing, I just put a Smiths record. It’s like, if my songwriting was an iPhone, it recharges it.”

Ryan Adams will release his version of ‘1989’ on vinyl in December.

Watch the two chat, via GQ, below:


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