Maryland farmer cuts giant Taylor Swift face into his cornfield

The 12-acre field also doubles up as a maze

A Maryland farmer has shown his support for Taylor Swift by cutting a giant rendition of her face into his cornfield.

The 12-acre field at Summers Farm in Frederick, Maryland also doubles up as a maze. Visitors to the farm can make their way through Taylor Swift’s face, which is accompanied by the phrase, ‘Dare To Be Different’.

As reported by The Guardian, farm owners Jeff Greenwood and his wife Teresa Summers Greenwood create a new, topical corn maze each year. Past mazes have included Super Bowl winning football teams and politicians. In 2012 the maze depicted presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Barack Obama playing tug of war with the American flag.


Asked why they picked Taylor Swift for this year’s maze, Greenwood replied: “We just felt that she’s a true, real person, and an amazing role model for everybody in how she treats people and just how she carries herself.”

Revealing that he is a long term ‘Swiftie’, Greenwood said it took about a day to cut the cornfield into Swift’s form. It was originally designed to show her full body, but lack of space forced a redesign.

The corn maze is open from September 26 to November 1. Greenwood said visitors need to keep their wits about them, as the new maze is “a pretty tough one.” On average, it can be completed in two hours, but could take much longer.

“If you make the wrong turn, you might be in there a while,” he added.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift recently admitted she had “no chill” after posting five selfies with her recently won Emmy Award.

Swift picked up an Emmy for Outstanding Creative Achivement In Interactive Media – Original Interactive Program last Thursday (September 10), for her app, AMEX Unstaged: Taylor Swift Experience.

The interactive video app allows viewers to explore the mansion where the music video for ‘Blank Space’ was filmed via a set of 360° cameras.

On receiving the award, Swift wrote, “When they overnight you an Emmy – I did not know this was a thing.” Being shipped the award appeared to prompt the series of selfies and videos with her friends. “We have no chill,” wrote Swift on posting the final picture containing the award. “The Emmy has rendered us chill-less.”