Taylor Swift accused of “ripping off” Spike Jonze’s Kenzo advert

Viewers point out alleged similarities between the two clips

Taylor Swift has been accused of “ripping off” a Spike Jonze-directed Kenzo advert with her new video for ‘Delicate’.

Swift’s clip was released earlier today (March 12), while Jonze’s Margaret Qualley-starring ad for the Kenzo World fragrance first aired in 2016.

Users on social media have pointed out alleged similarities between the two clips, with both Swift and Qualley appearing in a crowd of people, before making similar “silly” facial gestures and eventually bursting into dance routines.


“Taylor Swift’s ‘Delicate’ video is weirdly similar to the Spike Jonze KENZO World commercial,” one Twitter user wrote, with another adding: “The new @taylorswift13 Delicate music video is such an insanely blatant copy/rip-off of the Spike Jonze Kenzo World commercial. The setting, colour palette, choreography, everything.”


See both Swift’s video and the Kenzo ad below.

NME has approached Taylor Swift’s press representative for a response.

‘Delicate’ is taken from last year’s ‘Reputation’ albumIn a four-star review of Swift’s latest recordNME said: “While ‘Reputation’ packs heavy artillery that was almost entirely absent from ‘1989’, it’s actually a helluva ride.”

Speaking over a pre-recorded message delivered at the iHeartRadio Awards, Swift said: “Hey, guys, I just wanted to say thank you so much for this award… But in my absence and to show my gratitude, I really wanted to show you my brand-new video for my new single, ‘Delicate’.”