Taylor Swift’s alleged stalker deemed psychologically unfit to stand trial

Mohammed Jaffar has been sent to a psychiatric facility in New York

Taylor Swift‘s alleged stalker has been deemed unfit to stand trial by a court doctor.

Mohammed Jaffar has been sent to a psychiatric facility in New York state. He will remain in custody there until further mental health assessments have been undertaken.

The 29-year-old has been accused of harassing Swift’s management company, with 60 phone calls made to them by him over a two-week period in February 2017.


He also reportedly entered her apartment building in New York City’s TriBeCa area, where he repeatedly rang her doorbell.

Jaffar was arrested in March and was given a restraining order against him, as the Guardian reports.

The man also tweeted images of sweets he planned on giving to the singer, captioning the photos: “Something a gatekeeper (a guy dressed up as security guard in your lobby) prevented us from sharing.”

In addition to the above, he also wrote her poetry, which included the line: “There is nothing I love more than you.”


Swift was recently involved in another legal case, against former Colorado radio DJ David Mueller, who was accused of groping the singer while she posed for a photo with him. Swift won the lawsuit, in which she asked for a symbolic $1 compensation.