Taylor Swift celebrates Katy Perry’s new music video, calls it “genius”

The video stars '500 Days Of Summer' actor Zooey Deschanel

Taylor Swift has taken to social media to celebrate the music video for Katy Perry‘s new single ‘Not The End Of The World’.

The video, which stars 500 Days Of Summer actor Zooey Deschanel, arrived on Monday (December 21) and plays on the fact that the pair are known as lookalikes.

In the video, the idea for which stems from Perry’s plan to employ Deschanel as a body double for her while she was on maternity leave, aliens abduct Deschanel, believing her to be the ‘Dark Horse’ singer.


Swift, who released her surprise album ‘Evermore’ last week, appears to be a fan of the video, replying to a tweet from Perry with a gif of Deschanel and the caption: “THIS IS GENIUS”.

Perry and Swift were once embroiled in a longstanding beef, which Perry has said was a “misunderstanding”. 

Speaking on Howard Stern’s radio show in July, she claimed the fallout was blown out of proportion by media coverage. “What I’m so grateful for is we did get to make up publicly and got to be an example of redemption for young girls,” Perry said.

She added: “Gossip in life can take the elevator but the truth takes the stairs. It just takes time.”

‘Not the End of the World’ is taken from Katy Perry’s latest album, ‘Smile’. Reviewing ‘Smile’ upon its release in August, NME wrote: “While Perry has returned to her tried-and-tested formula of vivid pop, there’s a missing ingredient.


“It’s frustrating, as this is the woman behind some of the most fun – and biggest-selling – songs of all time. But as much as you want ‘Smile’ to be a return to form, her fifth album’s songs fail to grip. All in all, ‘Smile’ lacks the fireworks of Perry’s record-breaking years.”

The singer has also revealed that she’s planning on releasing an access-all-areas documentary focusing on the “juicy” parts of her life, inspired by her former nemesis Taylor Swift, and her 2019 Netflix documentary Miss Americana.

“At first there was a thought about putting something out, but as time goes on the story gets juicier,” Perry said. “I say that because I think that ‘Witness’ time of my life is just one chapter in a very large book that is yet to be finished.”

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