Taylor Swift considered starting her own record label after Scooter Braun feud

She's been feuding with Braun since the summer.

Taylor Swift has revealed how she considered starting her own record label after feuding with Scooter Braun over the masters to her own music.

The ‘Lover’ singer angrily criticised Braun earlier in 2019 after he purchased her former record label Big Machine, along with the rights to her extensive back catalogue.

Speaking on how she was denied the chance to buy the rights to her music, she said: “God, I would have paid so much for them! Anything to own my work that was an actual sale option, but it wasn’t given to me. The reason I’m re-recording my music next year is because I do want my music to live on. I do want it to be in movies, I do want it to be in commercials, but I only want that if I own it.”


Taylor Swifts team responds to Big Machines denial
Taylor Swift (Getty)

“It’ll feel like regaining a freedom and taking back what’s mine. When I created [these songs], I didn’t know what they would grow up to be. Going back in and knowing that it meant something to people is actually a really beautiful way to celebrate what the fans have done for my music.”

She then went on to discuss how she has considered starting her own music in the wake of the feud.

“I do think about it every once in a while, but if I was going to do it, I would need to do it with all of my energy,” she said.

“I know how important that is, when you’ve got someone else’s career in your hands, and I know how it feels when someone isn’t generous.”


Last month, Swift claimed Braun and Borchetta were blocking her from performing her old songs at the AMAs, stating that doing so would be a form of her re-recording them. Braun and Borchetta issued a statement denying her allegations.

Earlier this month, she also released new festive single ‘Christmas Tree Farm‘ and was named the highest earning musician of 2019.