Taylor Swift donates $3000 to support fans during coronavirus outbreak

Her fans got the surprise of their lives.

Taylor Swift left a fan surprised after sending her a $3,000 (£2,423) donation.

Last week, Holly Turner, a New York-based photographer, turned to Tumblr to ask for financial support during the coronavirus crisis.

Swift, who is thought to have donated $3,000 each to three other fans, is one of among a handful celebs – including Ariana Grande, Lil Nas X, and Megan Thee Stallion – giving money to those struggling financially due to the global outbreak.


Turner shared a screenshot of the donation on Twitter, with a note from Swift that read: “Holly, you’ve always been there for me. I want to be there for you right now. I hope this helps. Love, Taylor.”

Turner explained: “i made a post on tumblr about how i was scared i wouldn’t be able to stay living in NYC because of what corona has done to the music industry. @taylorswift13 literally single-handedly saved my ability to stay here. i cannot even believe my eyes right now.”

Turner wasn’t the only one. Swift also reached out to a fan named Bernie with a donation of the same amount.

Swift sent a Twitter message which reads:  “I saw your post and would love to gift you $3,000 to help with the stress of what’s going on right now. Can you please send the email address for your PayPal account?”


Bernie reposted a screenshot of Swift’s heartfelt gesture with the caption: “The one where your favorite person on earth casually calls you Bernie.”

“THANK YOU FOR BEING THE BEST FRIEND EVER, @taylorswift13,” she wrote, adding, “I cannot breathe.”

Another fan, India, shared her interaction with the singer thanking her for the help.
“I’m shaking and crying and just fell over a rug in my rush to ask my brother if Taylor’s message was real,” she wrote.

She added: “Now I’m probably (definitely) concussed. This virus took my new dream job away but @taylorswift GAVE ME SOME JOY TONIGHT — out of pure kindness.”

A fourth fan, Samantha shared a similar conversation with Swift with the Twitter caption: “OHHHHH MY F–KINGGGGFFF SHUT HP SHUT UPS BUT IP SHUT UP THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING I CANT STOP SHAKONT I CANT STOP CRYING WHAT THE FUCK TULORLRL [sic].”

This comes after Bon Iver have announced they will donate 10 per cent of merchandise sales to coronavirus relief organisations in their homestate of Wisconsin.

Other musicians have donated funds to help tackle the coronavirus crisis. Last week, Rihanna reportedly offered $5 million to help impoverished countries affected by the coronavirus, with $700,000 worth of ventilators also going to her home country of Barbados.