Taylor Swift is donating to food banks on the ‘Eras’ tour route

Food banks in Arizona and Nevada have received sizeable donations from the singer

Taylor Swift quietly made donations to food banks in cities where she was playing shows for her ‘Eras’ tour.

The tour kicked off last week in Glendale, Arizona, which was temporarily named ‘Swift City’ in her honour, and it was reported on Monday (March 20) that while she was there, she made a sizeable donation to the Arizona Food Bank Network.

Swift didn’t publicise the donation, but news of her generosity became known when the food bank told local news outlet AZ Central what happened.


“It’s not every day that you get a call from someone who works in PR for Taylor Swift, so we were dubious at first, but happily, it turned out to be absolutely real,” said Terri Shoemaker, Vice President of External Relations at the Arizona Food Bank Network.

Shoemaker said Swift’s PR agent had told her that Swift planned to make a positive impact in the communities where she was touring, beginning with Arizona’s food banks. One in nine people and one in six children in Arizona struggle with food insecurity, according to Shoemaker.

A few days later, a food bank in southern Nevada, Three Square, revealed that Swift had also left them a large donation ahead of her ‘Eras’ gigs in Las Vegas last night (March 24) and tonight (March 25).

“We don’t know about you, but we’re feeling grateful on this day, March 22!” the organization wrote on its official Instagram feed. “@TaylorSwift has made a generous gift to Three Square, allowing us to provide thousands of meals to families and individuals struggling with hunger. Thank you to Ms. Swift for supporting our mission and the local community.”

Swift’s food bank donations haven’t been the only acts of generosity she has shown so far on the ‘Eras’ tour. She gave four free tickets to a young fan who survived an accident that left her hospitalised with burns in 2018, not long before she was supposed to see her on her ‘Reputation’ tour. Swift had visited her in hospital, where she promised to give the fan free tickets in the future.


At last night’s Las Vegas show, Swift dedicated acoustic surprise number ‘Our Song’ to opening act Beebadoobee.

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