Taylor Swift makes rare political statement to back March For Our Lives

The singer reveals she's made a donation towards the cause

Taylor Swift has made a rare political statement, voicing her support for the March For Our Lives campaign.

Swift’s reluctance to speak about politics has been well-documented. In 2012, she said: “I don’t talk about politics because it might influence other people.”

However, after remaining neutral in the build-up to the 2016 US election, Swift has now spoken out against gun violence in America.


March For Our Lives was launched in the aftermath of the Parkland shooting in Florida and will see people take to the streets in cities across America and globally on Saturday (March 24) to call for greater gun control laws.

Sharing the March For Our Lives logo on Instagram, Swift wrote: “No one should have to go to school in fear of gun violence. Or to a nightclub. Or to a concert. Or to a movie theater. Or to their place of worship.”

“I’ve made a donation to show my support for the students, for the March For Our Lives campaign, for everyone affected by these tragedies, and to support gun reform.”

“I’m so moved by the Parkland High School students, faculty, by all families and friends of victims who have spoken out, trying to prevent this from happening again.”

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Selena Gomez has also backed the campaign, writing in her own post: “Protect kids, not guns!”

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Protect kids, not guns! #MarchForOurLives

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Earlier this month, Swift was accused of “ripping off” a Spike Jonze-directed Kenzo advert with her new video for ‘Delicate’.


Swift’s clip was released on March 12, while Jonze’s Margaret Qualley-starring ad for the Kenzo World fragrance first aired in 2016.

Users on social media pointed out alleged similarities between the two clips, with both Swift and Qualley appearing in a crowd of people, before making similar “silly” facial gestures and eventually bursting into dance routines.