Taylor Swift named as emergency contact for pilot who died in fatal crash

His letters to Swift had 'the flavour of stalking’.

A private pilot who was killed after crashing his plane in Nashville had reportedly penned letters to Taylor Swift after an intense infatuation with the singer.

Canadian aviator Michael Callon had unsuccessfully attempted to land his small aircraft in thick fog at Nashville Airport before the fatal accident occurred in October 2013.

At the time of the incident, the 45-year-old was over the legal alcohol limit and the only passenger in the Cessna 172R plane, records from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) reveal.

But the same records into his passing includes a mental health evaluation that Michael underwent in 2012, where it was revealed that he sent a number of fan letters to Swift.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

According to one medical examiner, his letters had ‘the flavour of stalking’.

Callon is also believed to have had a history of repeat convictions, with his parole officer confirming his strong interest in a Nashville-based star, believed to be Swift.

After originally listing his destination as Ontario, Callon instead headed straight to Swift’s native Nashville – where the fateful crash occurred.

The plane also rented from Windsor Flying Club, where it was revealed that he had listed Swift as his next of kin during his membership registration. Michael’s membership form to the club showed he did indeed cite Taylor as his emergency contact.

The revelations were discovered as part of a report by WSMV-TV’s New4 1-Team. Taylor Swift’s representatives have denied any link between her and Callon.