The title of Taylor Swift’s next single from ‘Lover’ has been revealed

It'll be the third single from her upcoming new album

A new online listing has confirmed that the next Taylor Swift single will be called ‘The Archer’.

The singer is gearing up to release the third single from her upcoming new album ‘Lover’, which is due on August 23.

With a month to go until the arrival of ‘Lover’, Swift is set to tell her fans about the next single from the album later today (August 23) — although people have already been finding out details about the new song online.


Swift posted a GIF yesterday of an arrow hitting a bulls-eye with the number ‘5’ written in the middle, hinting that her next single is the fifth track on ‘Lover’.

Swift’s fans have now discovered that the official listing for ‘Lover’ on Apple Music has been updated ahead of the single, and that track five on the album is called ‘The Archer’ — suggesting that that will be the title of the single she’s announcing later today.

‘The Archer’ will follow ‘Me!’ and ‘You Need to Calm Down’ as previews of the new album.


Last week, Swift was among the big names who featured in the first trailer for the upcoming film adaptation of Cats — the preview of which raised plenty of eyebrows online.

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