Taylor Swift on how she buried the hatchet with Katy Perry – “I feel so much lighter”

“She and I have really been on good terms for a while."

Taylor Swift has said she “feels so much lighter” after burying the hatchet with Katy Perry.

The pair first fell out in 2012 after a huge disagreement over backing dancers, leading Swift to suggest that 2014’s ‘Bad Blood’ was aimed at “another female artist who tried to sabotage an entire arena tour.”

In response, Perry’s ‘Swift Swift’ was then believed to be a direct dig at Swift, although neither singer has ever confirmed the apparent meaning behind the tracks.


However, their feud is now firmly over after Perry made a surprise appearance in Swift’s video for ‘You Need To Calm Down’.

The clip sees Perry and Swift dressed respectively as a hamburger and a portion of French fries as they hold hands and hug it out at the end.

Speaking to Capital FM, Swift admitted that the cameo came about after the pair became friends once more in private.

“She and I have really been on good terms for a while,” Swift said.

“She sent me a really nice note and an olive branch – like an actual olive branch – to my tour when it started, the Reputation stadium tour, a while ago.


“From that point on we’ve been on good terms. Then we saw each other at a party and walked up to each other and hugged it out and talked about things, and then we saw each other again and hung out at another party and it was just like something felt so much lighter about my life when things became really good between us.”

While the cameo showed the pair enjoying a united front, Swift admitted that she wanted to make their friendship “solid” again before telling her fans.

““She and I have been fine for a while and really on good terms but we didn’t know if we were ever gonna really tell people about it,” she said.

“We wanted to make sure that was solid between us before we ever made the public aware.”