Taylor Swift reportedly told to beware gun-seeking man proclaiming to be her ‘boyfriend’

The 59-year-old man has reportedly claimed he needs a gun to 'protect her'

Reports suggest that Taylor Swift has been told to beware an obsessive fan, who is proclaiming to be her ‘boyfriend’ and has told authorities he needs a gun to ‘protect’ her.

The news comes via TMZwho report that New Hampshire authorities have alerted the ‘Reputation’ singer of the potential threat. The man was brought into a police station for voluntary questioning on a separate case, and boasted to officers that he was Swift’s boyfriend, before showing them messages he supposedly received from her.

Officers became suspicious after he asked how many states he could drive through with an ‘open carry’ gun permit, before telling them that he needed a gun to protect Swift in Africa – it’s not clear why he thought Swift would be in Africa, however.

Last week, Swift released the music video for ‘End Game’, and it sees her teaming up with both Ed Sheeran and Future as they go drinking across the globe.

The clip, which has been directed by Joseph Kahn, sees Taylor enjoying lavish parties on a yacht in Miami and a karaoke bar in Tokyo before heading to London – where she takes in some of the capital’s most iconic sights.

She’s seen partying at a bar with both Sheeran and Future, before hopping on a red London bus and taking a trip to a kebab shop – ahead of a finale that sees her taking a walk across the Millenium Bridge.

The London scenes were all filmed on location last year – with north London kebab shop Kentish Delight chosen for a starring role.