Taylor Swift takes out restraining order against stalker who threatened to kill her

The singer has received letters from the stalker containing threats since 2016

Taylor Swift has been granted a restraining order after a stalker sent letters with threats to “rape” and “kill” the star.

TMZ reports that legal documents obtained by the news site show Taylor filed for a restraining order against 26-year-old Eric Swarbrick, with claims that Swarbrick has been sending the star threatening letters since 2016.

In one, Swarbrick writes: “I want to rape Taylor Swift. This is why I hate Taylor herself … This is how I know I am Taylor’s soulmate.”


While in another, he threatens: “I will not hesitate to kill her … and there’s nothing you, your lawyers, or the law will be about to do about it. Remember who I am.”

TMZ reports that Swift applied for a restraining order after the letters became increasingly alarming and have caused stress, anxiety, and fear.

A judge ordered Swarbrick to stop contacting the singer immediately and stay away from her property.

It’s not the first time Swift has been subject to stalking. In April, a stalker was arrested after breaking into her New York townhouse, while another man who threatened to kill the star was sentenced to ten years on probation.

Also in April, another man was arrested outside her Beverly Hills home.

Earlier this month, the star was spotted asking Ed Sheeran about his fitness levels, while Paul McCartney revealed Swift was the inspiration for a song on his latest album.


The star is also said to be in the midst of talks for a new record deal, as the one she signed when she was 15 comes to an end.