Taylor Swift tried to teach St. Vincent how to cook, with disastrous results

"My friends still mock me for it, to this day"

St. Vincent has revealed that Taylor Swift once tried to teach her how to cook, but her subsequent efforts to create the meal proved so bad that she’s still mocked by her friends.

The ‘Daddy’s Home’ artist revealed the kitchen mishap on Jessie Ware’s Table Manners podcast, explaining how Swift invited her over for a culinary masterclass.

“Here’s a story: so around, I think it was probably 2015, Taylor Swift – who you might know – invited me over to teach me how to cook a steak, asparagus and cauliflower. Something like that,” St. Vincent recalled.


“And it’s very sweet of her to have done that and I don’t remember exactly why… I don’t remember if she experienced that I couldn’t cook and thought: ‘I’m going to help this girl’.

“I’m not really sure how it came about, but she brought me home and she taught me how to do the thing.”

St. Vincent later tried to replicate the cooking skills that Swift taught her, but it didn’t quite go to plan.

St. Vincent (Picture: Zackery Michael / Press)

She explained: “So flashforward, a couple months later, I’m at my Laurel Canyons studio and I’m like: ‘You know what, I’m going to have a couple of friends over, make this meal that Taylor showed me how to make.’

“And my friends still mock me for it, to this day. I hear of them basically being ‘raw, crusty cauliflower’ and ‘hockey puck steaks’.


“And these are people who one, they’re in the hospitality industry, they know how to cook. They know how to eat. You know, just people who know how to [be] like ‘here, come over’ and there’s candles lit and there’s all the things that make an experience wonderful…

“I didn’t do any of that shit and I made them terrible food. They still mock me for it to this day.”

As for her own culinary habits, St. Vincent explained that she had grown up “eating garbage” as she, her mum and stepfather and two older sisters faced financial struggles.

“We would have been eating just depression-era ration food. Everything was from a can,” she said.

“It was either large sums of meat from a BBQ, and the sides were weird things from cans. I don’t know why, but we always ate like we were on a crazy budget. With lots of love and appreciation to my mother and stepfather who always kept us fed, we ate garbage.

“We went to Sam’s club one time, which is a place like Costco where you can buy things in bulk. It was very exciting we got to get two things of 24 packet of Crunch bars and Snickers bars. I think we ploughed through both of those in two days. We ate garbage, I have no idea how we survived.”

In a four-star review, NME described St Vincent’s latest album ‘Daddy’s Home‘ as “warmer than anything St Vincent has done before, trading in cold precision for looser rock’n’roll sounds that act as a kind of portal into her memories.”

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