Taylor Swift’s ‘Betty’ transformed into pop-punk song on TikTok – listen

A new take on the acoustic 'Folklore' number...

Taylor Swift‘s ‘Betty’ has been reimagined as a pop-punk song on TikTok – watch the clip below.

The track appears on the singer’s surprise eighth album ‘Folklore’, which arrived back in July ahead of its “sister record” ‘Evermore’ (released last week).

Yesterday (December 14), TikTok user 1cabeau shared a video in which he transformed the laid-back, acoustic ‘Betty’ into a power chord-driven cut worthy of Blink-182.


“Have you ever wondered what ‘Betty’ from ‘Folklore’ would sound like if it was a pop-punk song?” the musician asks at the top of the clip, adding: “Yeah, me too.”

The TikTok video has so far registered almost 115,000 ‘likes’ and has been shared nearly 12,000 times across the platform and beyond.


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♬ original sound – 1Cabeau

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift has dismissed rumours that a third surprise album called ‘Woodvale’ is on the horizon. It came after fans uncovered what they believed to be the record’s title hidden on the ‘Folklore’ cover, while others found that Swift came up as a result when searching ‘Woodvale’ on Spotify.

The pop star explained that the word was in fact a “fake code name” for ‘Folklore’ that came out of her reluctance to share its actual title.


During a preview of an upcoming conversation with Zane Lowe, Swift said that her diaristic songwriting style was “unsustainable” for her future as an artist – with both ‘Folklore’ and ‘Evermore’ focusing on various fictional characters from mythological locations.

“It felt too hot of a microscope. On my bad days, I would feel like I was loading a canon of clickbait, when that’s not what I want for my life,” she said of her previous, autobiographical approach.

The full Apple Music interview will air on December 16 at 1am GMT.