Tears For Fears member says his kids think he’s ‘hip’ because The 1975 like his music

Curt Smith also reveals band have been working with members of Bastille

Tears For Fears‘ Curt Smith has described how his children think he’s “hip” now because his music influenced The 1975.

Smith recently spoke to Billboard ahead of the synth-pop outfit’s next album, revealing that the duo had wrote a song with members of Bastille.

He went on to explain how he met The 1975: “I actually met The 1975 at Coachella last year because they were big fans of ours and I love them, and my eldest daughter is the hugest 1975 fan”.


Smith continued: “So I got major brownie points for that. I’m becoming hip to my children because bands of their generation name us as influences, so you can definitely hear it, the same way as we were influenced by other people.”

Of their new album, Smith said: “To me it sounds like us. When I listen to it I hear the fact we’ve been playing live, which we have been doing over the last few years without making a record. We still go on tour; Not huge tours, but on tour. So I feel it’s definitely been influenced by us playing live and aspects of the live show. I definitely hear that in it.”

Tears For Fears released their last album ‘Everybody Loves a Happy Ending’ in 2004. Smith said of releasing a new record after such a long period of time: “I think we felt like it was time… It’s getting a little boring for us, so it seemed the right time. And musically it seemed the right time as well.”